And The 2018 Awards Go to….


Best Documentary: Needles & Threads - Alyssa Abreu with Moises Vargas and Anisa Hamilton


Best Editing: Unreality - Sage Levine


Best Experimental/Animation: Kebabbed - Kelsey O'Keefe, Leah Bohner, Claire Harrington, Lauren Palmadesso, Samantha Vuotto


Best Cinematography – Unreality - Sage Levine


Best Fiction: Message in a Bottle: Point of View Project - Juliana Santamauro 

Best Female Filmmaker: Sweet-Ish Fish - Toria Pater, Olivia Parauda, Keeley Giblin, Courtney Voehl, Colleen Kelly, Mitose McHugh


Congratulations to all the winners!!!

And The 2017 Awards Go to….

Best Documentary: Dalyla - Alexis Cerezo


Best Editing: For the Love of Self Love - Nick Palazzolo


Best Directing: How to be Bad -  Vicky Lee


Best Experimental/Animation: The Six of Us - Daisy Moffat


Best Cinematography – Maddie


Best Fiction: Sock Monster - Toria Pater and Courtney Voehl


Congratulations to all the winners!!!

And The 2016 Awards Go to….


Best Fiction: Extraordinary - Bernadette Torres


Best Documentary: Protect & Serve – Aniya Wolfe, Jada Childress, Roger C , Simone D ,Stephen Rucker, Aaliyah Malik-Khan, Josh Mitchell


Best Experimental/Animation:  Invasive Species - Kristin Middleton


Best Cinematography:  Domar: To Tame - Benjamin Ades


Best Editing:  Castle Park - Jaime Gonora, Max Amar, Liv Hanewald, Bernadette Torres


Best Female Filmmaker: Painted Cranes - Maria Dragone


Best from the Audience:  Protect & Serve – Aniya Wolfe, Jada Childress, Roger C , Simone D ,Stephen Rucker, Aaliyah Malik-Khan, Josh Mitchell

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

And The 2015 Awards Go to….

March 20th, 2015


Best Fiction: Remake - Anya Dunaif and Alexandra Theodosopoulos


Best Documentary: Society's Coloring Book: Conversations Around Shadeism & Colorism – University Community Collaborative


Best Experimental/Animation:  Galatea – Christina Yee


Best Cinematography:  Recycled Design – Benjamin Ades


Best Editing:  Recycled Design – Benjamin Ades


Best Female Filmmaker: Galatea – Christina Yee


Best from the Audience:  Remake - Anya Dunaif and Alexandra Theodosopoulos

Congratulations to all the winners!!!


Our 2015 Festival Program

February 9th, 2015



Remake - Anya Dunaif and Alexandra Theodosopoulos


Project One - Aden Suchak


Sink or Swim - Kai Dougan, Fiona MacIntosh, Maxwell Wilson


Sketcher - Alec Dakin, Josh Komitzky, Ryan Elefante


This Side Up - Jack Beiderman



Recycled Design - Benjamin Ades


Society's Coloring Book: Conversations Around Shadeism & Colorism - Brandon, Brianna, Chanel, Destiny,Levar, Kendall, Diaka, Dontae, Katherine, Kabbeh, Sandy, Raymundo, Yisela, Patrece, Leana 


Urban Youth and Police Harassment - James, Melvin, Andre, Kayla, Aryiannah, Isaiah, Tobias, Kani


We Are Heroes - Dimitri Hill, Eliot Pearson , Kelsey Augusti, Litgrown Stafford, NaKyiah Warren Nysha Williams, Samuel Mark, Shamia Mark, Tiffany Green, Tyreke Dorsey, Jabria Alston Yacine Toure, Sama Mizaan, Artisha Griffin


Daydream - Jimi Sol Eisenstein


Galatea - Christina Yee


Life is But a Suite - Tom Fama

And The 2014 Awards Go to….

February 27th, 2014


Best Fiction: The Nuclear Family - Robert Newman, Jay Shapiro


Best Documentary: Inside the Ring – Imani Peterkin


Best Experimental/Animation:  Mannequin – Austin Hassier, Kyeerah White, Dominique Rayam


Best Cinematography:  Inside the Ring – Imani Peterkin


Best Editing:  The Pursuit of Passion – Micheal Bonner, Da’el Clapperton, Danielle Clapperton, Trevor Hale, Tahir Juba, Ykitta Martin


Best Female Filmmaker: Strength – Star Cummings


Best from the Audience:  The Audition – Nadia Fradkin

Congratulations to all the winners!!!


Our 2013 Festival Program

February 19th, 2013


1. Pennypack Nature Montage– Matt Gurbarg


2. Not So Imaginary– Rachel Chase


3. Shutter– Matt Gurbarg, Leo Chalhoub


4. For the Time Being– Willaim Sokoloski, Jamar Stewart, Leah Cohen


5. Deep Down– Isaiah Hoban Halvorsen, Kaila Lafferty, Oona Lowe


6. Nuclear Waste– Anna Brancaccio


7. Dream House– Ana Krafchick 


8. Sunlight- Kenji Takada, Isaiah Hoban Halvorsen, Darienne Clarke


9. My Phoenix- Diana Julien & Press Pass TV


10. Each One, Teach One, Haiti 2012– Press Pass TV


11. Make It Happen– Nicole Steele, Terry Dobbins, Akil Hamm, Leon Young


12. Sundown- Vann Fulfs, Jacob Scott, Bryan Quandt


13. At Your Age- Delilah Wells 

14. Unbroken- Cooper Rickards, Marlene Anderson, Adhem Morsi


15. The Champ- Victoria Youngblood


16. What is Love?– Madalina Albu 


17. The Number– Ana Krafchick 


18. My Little Brony- Vann Fulfs, Bryan Quandt, Taylor Martin


19. Melting Opera- Anna Brancaccio


20. White Rice- Laura Brown


21. Framed: Youth In The News– Press Pass TV


22.  2D4U- Garrett Scheliga


23.  Impact- Mack Wright, Jacob Scott, Kenton King


24. How Great I Am– Ryan Callahan


25. Painted Love– John General


26.  Great Mimes Think Alike- Michael Vitz-Wong

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